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  1. Hey Hannah! I have to say, I love your project so much. I think it's such a cool idea to have an email service for heroes in Greek and Roman mythology. The idea really gives some relatability to the characters, and lets us see a more modern version of their stories, which is great. Your webpage looks amazing as well! When you go to the home page, I really like how it has each of the "emails" listed at the bottom just like a real inbox would. It really ties the story together, so great job with that! After reading the email from Phil (I'm sorry, spelling out his full name is too hard), I could see that you're going to turn away from writing about Hercules's doting fans and write instead about the people angry at Hercules, which I think is a great perspective to take. I'm really interested to see which stories you pick to include in the hate mail. Maybe it might be a cool idea to include not only the piece of hate mail in each story, but also Hercules's thoughts on getting that hate mail, or the story from Hercules's perspective? Or maybe have Hercules reply to these emails? I think it might be pretty funny to listen to Hercules defend himself. Overall, your project is great and I'm excited to read more!

  2. Hi Hannah!

    I saw this on the class list and I had to read to it. I love this! It's so cool and creative how you created an email service that's powered by Hermes, the messenger god. I think it's perfect how the first message is from Phil, Hercules's trainer. This explains why people keep thinking that he's Heracules's trainer. I really like how the website is set up as Heracules's inbox, this way we can read the mail as if we were Heracules and we can feel like we are a part of the story.

    Something I noticed was that the sentence, "That's kinda weird considering you've been a hero was longer than I have" doesn't really make since. It may just be a typo, or maybe you just forgot to add/delete a word.

    One suggestion I have is that, since you use the word "man" a little often ("I've got to warn you man..." " much against you, man"), maybe you could take out one "man" so that it sounds a little better while reading it.

    I'm very curious to see what kind of hate mail Heracules recieves!

  3. Hey Hannah,
    Right off the bat, I noticed how much I liked your website design. It was very easy to navigate, and the way that you had it set up made it actually seem like an email. I liked the inbox and home tabs, and I enjoyed the writing styles that you used for your emails. I thought they were very casual and funny! I am really excited to see the mail that Heracules receives, I will definitely keep reading along throughout the semester. Something that I would suggest adding would be a little background on Phil. I am not very familiar on their relationship or even much about Phil at all. I think it would be cool to have a separate little part underneath the email telling readers about Phil. Also, I liked Abbi's comment above about having you make Heracules reply to the emails. I think that could add another perspective as well as some humor! Great job!

  4. Hey Hannah!
    I really like how you set up your website. It is so different and unique. Your idea to have this be an email account of a Greek hero is awesome. You will be able to provide such a unique perspective and take on all of the stories that show up throughout Greek mythology. Your great sense of humor is also very apparent. This is definitely one of the best sites I have seen so far! I can tell you are comfortable with this WIX site as well. I can't wait to see what great things you are going to do with this site. I also like the idea of showing the replies that Heracles would have to these emails. In regular email account there is always the "sent" category so maybe that would be useful as you continue to create this. My favorite part about your website is how well you modeled it to look like a real email website.

  5. Hi Hannah! Your project has a fascinating concept, and I like how you implemented Hermes as the "mailman."

    I only found one grammar error at the end of the Philocmetes letter, "...your screenwriter you friends." which seems to have a missing or extra word.

    I have some questions that I hope help you improve your writing. Mainly, what is the setting?

    I am not very familiar with the mythology surrounding Hercules, so I was confused by the letter from Philoctetes. You said he met Hercules right before he lit Hercules' funeral fire, but this makes it seem like Hercules was alive at the beginning of the funeral. What is the setting for your story?

    "You're in all the movies, TV shows, songs, and books now..." lead me to believe the setting is in the modern age, yet "...bow and poisoned arrows..." sound like the ancient Greek setting. Is Hercules receiving this male from Elysium? If so, who are 'screenwriters' Philocmetes mentions?

    One suggestion I have to help provide the context is to bring Hercules in as a character who reads and reacts to these emails.

  6. Hey Hannah!
    Your idea for this storybook is so unique! I never would have thought about having these gods have emails, giving us a closer insight into what goes on in the day to day of a Greek god. Would you be able to move it over to texts as well? That could be a cool diverging point. I noticed a few spelling errors on your introduction page, but other than that, I really loved the way you introduced the style you’ll be writing in. For your first inbox post from ‘Phil’, I really liked how he was a good friend of Hercules, showing that even gods can have close friends also. I hope for your next email, you’ll get someone who is angry at Hercules (maybe Hades) and just roasts him for all the dumb stuff he’s done. Overall, amazing job – you’ve really captured the essence of BOTH Greek mythology and modern communication.

  7. Hi Hannah!

    I agree with everyone else, your idea for this storybook was so creative and I loved reading it! I also loved how you set it all up especially, and how we got to go through what seemed like his actual email account from the start page, to the inbox, etc. It was much more entertaining than a normal storybook just because it was so different than anything else I've seen in this class. I'm so interested in what kind of emails he's going to receive and what kind of "stories" you're going to write! I wonder what it would be like if Hercules was more involved, and my one suggestion would maybe having a tab for stories actually from the point of Hercules (more than the sent mail, like maybe they actually have his thoughts and show what's going through his head when he reads the mail). I can't wait to see what you come up with!

  8. Hi Hannah!
    So I think this idea for a story book is very interesting and unique. However, I found your layout kind of confusing and hard to navigate. I just think if you explained the format a little better in your introduction like explain how to get around the website better and how we should be accessing it. Also tell us where your comment wall link is because I had to search for it to get a link to this page. Overall, I think your idea is smart and interesting. I really like how your page is interactive and how your reader can send an email to Hercules himself. I definitely think you have put a lot of creativity into your page so I am excited to see where it goes. I just think some little layout edits would enhance the experience of your storybook to your readers.

  9. Hi Hannah!
    First of all, the way you set up your blog is so, so cool. It took me a second to figure out how to navigate, but once I did, I really appreciated how the layout contributed to your storybook and project. I also enjoyed the casual tone of the email to Heracules; I felt like that really encapsulated the premise of your storybook, and it also made the story easy to read. I did have some moments of confusion about the content of the email itself; I'm not familiar with the stories of Heracules and Philoctemes, so some references in the email (such as the funeral pyre) went over my head. I also wasn't sure if the story was meant to take place in the modern era or if it was of the time of the Greek myths; obviously it's an email and Philoctemes makes references to screenwriters, but some of the references felt archaic, like the bow and arrow and the poisonous snake. I think with some more clarity, this story will be super strong! Your grammar and writing style is perfect, so I don't think you need to worry there. Overall, this story is really great, and I'm excited to read your future stories!

  10. Hi Hannah! I want to start off by saying that I love the design of your website! I think it's very cool. At first I was a little confused on how to navigate it, but once I figured it out, it was easy. I also love the theme of your storybook! I think the idea of having an email service for the gods is unique and original. I also like how Hermes is the mailman and you named the service "HeroMail." It's very clever! I really enjoyed reading your first story/email. I think you have excellent grammar and vocabulary. The language you use is also very modern so it goes along with the whole modern-era email thing. However, I was confused about one thing throughout reading it. I didn't get what the setting and time period was? You mentioned Heracules being in "movies, TV shows, songs, and books" which indicates that it is modern day, but also mentioned bows and arrows so I was just confused about that. Otherwise, I think your storybook is amazing! I'm excited to see who else is going to be sending Heracules hatemail!

  11. Okay this is seriously cool. I just sent an email to you so I hope you get it because I think it's hilarious. HOW DID YOU COME UP WITH THIS? This is so awesome! I read the email from Philoctetes and it made me laugh how colloquial you were being. One thing that could be better or maybe it just did not show up for me, is that none of the generated emails from the "sent" tab showed up. I was expecting to read some funny things but nothing. If you don't have anything yet, it could be cool to just add some troll emails on there just so something shows up when people click on it! I also have no idea where your project is gonna go but it gets me excited! I'm looking forward to reading more!!

  12. Hi Hannah! First off all I got to say what an amazing storybook idea you have! Like everyone else is saying in the comments it is such a unique idea, but what makes it even better is the layout of your website. It truly does feel like I am interacting with my email browser; you can even send a new message! I think it would be kind of cool to incorporate the comment wall with this section of the website, but overall it is such a great page! The home page does a good job of informing me of what to expect on the website, and it is interesting how we are reading this as if we are Hercules. I am unsure of what the send new message feature will lead to. Is it more of style purpose or will you actually receive an email? I think elucidating on that feature would be useful for the user.

  13. Hey Hannah! So I'm actually from the Indian Epics course but this week we were allowed to do a free choice from either of Laura's classes. I LOVE the concept of your storybook so much! I think it's so cool that you set it up as an email service, it's so clever. And users can send messages and in a way be a part of your project too? That is awesome! I think the home page and the help page do a good job of helping orient the reader to your project and the layout of the site (or email service). The first email/story was really cool, I enjoyed it a lot. I remember watching the Disney version of Hercules and seeing Phil as a kid. I've always thought he was an interesting character and wanted to learn more about him, and I did learn a little from reading your story. I really enjoyed looking at your project this week, great job and keep up the hard work!

  14. Hi Hannah,

    First of all I just want to say the layout of your storybook is awesome! I think it's very creative of you to set up the webpage like an inbox for Hercules for emails from other gods. I read the message from "therealphiloctetes." I like how you give the reader some clues on the time of the message with Philoctetes mentioning Hercules appearing in TV shows, songs, and books. It also sounds like all Philoctetes cares about is getting help from Hercules to become famous. What if Philoctetes tells Hercules of the events going on in his life and asks what Hercules has been up to? It seems like it's been a long time since they talked to each other. I also think that since Philoctetes is asking for help, he would try to empathize with Hercules about the way he died and show some more emotion. Anyway I really like your storybook and can't wait to read more messages from other gods to Hercules!

  15. Hi Hannah!

    This was an enjoyable storybook to look through. I love the layout and web design! It is clean and easy to navigate. The concept of a mail inbox is creative and unique. I enjoyed the message from Philoctetes, but it confused me quite a bit until I was able to locate the author’s note. It might be a good idea to put that note at the beginning of the story for those of us who aren’t as familiar with Greek mythology! Also, I was a bit confused about your home page describing the project as hate mail when I read the message from Philoctetes, which didn’t seem like hate mail. I was probably just confused, but some additional clarification for readers might be helpful! The writing itself was strong. The way you wrote the message from Philoctetes was fun and engaging. Overall, this looks like a great start to your project. I’m excited to see how this idea develops, nicely done!

  16. Hi Hannah,

    This is an awesome concept, and the website you’ve built to implement it is fantastic! I’m so impressed with the effort that you’ve put into imitating an email interface. Particularly, your interactive concept is such a cool idea! I’m excited to see what people come up with. (I wonder if perhaps you ought to link the “Send New Message” page from the bottom of the inbox message, so it’s clearer to the reader where they can go to respond after reading the incoming mail.)

    I also love the way you paint the “hero game” as an industry where these insiders are complaining to each other about the way things are. Particularly, the line “the way your story gets told all depends on who you know” is such a great second level of commentary in this story about storytelling itself.

    Poor Phil — I hope that he gets his break soon.


  17. Hi Hannah,
    Wow, your concept is so original and entertaining! Seriously, props for ingenuity!
    I really like the look of your website, and maybe it's just because I'm using a Chromebook, but the edges are cut off for me. I can't see the home page button at all. I can send you a screenshot if you're curious (, otherwise no worries because it looks great.
    I love the slightly passive aggressive tone in the Philoctetes story. I had never heard of him, so I guess he does have a reason to be mad considering he was apparently influential in the life and death of Hercules. I also love how you've combined Heracles and Hercules into one word. It's a smart way to acknowledge the different spellings while simultaneously avoiding them.
    Great work!
    - Cate

  18. Hi Hannah!! What a great idea. You rocked this storybook. Your website is a bit overwhelming at first, but after a couple of minutes I really felt like I understood it. I can not think of anything that would help those first couple minutes, but if you can that may be something to consider. If not, I think it will be just fine! Your explanation post helped a lot. I do wonder fi you are going to put all the stories in the inbox together. That would be so convenient for the reader! I also love how you encourage people to respond as Heracules. I will definitely come back to this storybook and respond later! I do wonder what other people are saying though. It may be fun to include some of the best replies. Also, I hope Phil gets his time under the lights soon. The dude seems pretty irritated at this point. I wonder how close of friends he actually was to Heracules. He seemed pretty passive aggressive in that email. I can't wait to keep up with this storybook. Well done.

  19. Hi Hannah!

    First of all I wanted to say that I think you have the best website I have seen so far. Sure there is a lot going on but that is the point. I thought it was pretty neat how you could even send a message. I wish I had the level of creativity that you put into your storybook!

    I love your theme too. I was a huge Percy Jackson nerd, and your project feels like something that could coexist with that universe. It plays with the idea of classic myths crossing over with the modern world.

    In your message from Philoctetes to Herc I think you really nail creating a unique voice for your characters. It reminds me of Danny Devito from the Hercules movie. It feels wonderfully cartoonish. Phil seems like the perfect sidekick.

    Your whole project feels so professional and well crafted. I can't wait to read more.

  20. Hi Hannah!
    Oh my goodness! I am thoroughly impressed with how you made this visually stimulate a real email. The layout is amazing, and the way you used images as the profile pictures was very creative. I think you could do more with images by having Philoctetes or Megara attach an image to the email which could invoke more imagery to the content of the stories, rather than just simply the characters themselves. Your email themed storybook is such an interesting idea to thoroughly analyze the character of Hercules holistically. From the outside, characters can seem one way. But just like humans, they can appear entirely different ways from the inside. This allows readers an inside look at Hercules's baggage, as he privately interacts with Philoctetes and Megara. I love how you merged the stories of a less well-known mythology characters, Philoctetes and Megara, with the Greek icon Hercules. Your character development in the email from Megara did a wonderful job of explaining the background information and origin, naturally embedded into the message through her emotions and anger towards Hercules.
    Fantastic work!

  21. Hi Hannah! First of all, I thoroughly enjoyed your storybook page. The idea behind it is so creative and each of the stories/segments are well written and highly detailed. I specifically enjoyed the email from Megara- man did she have a lot to say about Hercules and his new persona! The comparison between how he used to be versus how he is now truly gives a perspective on Hercules that I had never seen/heard of before! So well done on the overall concept of this story book! I, for one, cannot wait to read more! About the images you used, I really enjoyed them and felt like they helped me connect to the dialogue and each of the characters you used to share it! The image of Megara really captured her sadness and disappointment towards Hercules and all of the new changes that he was making. I feel like in this kind of story, that is exactly the purpose that the images should serve! Great job!

  22. Hey Hannah! This is such a creative idea for a storybook. I loved getting to dive a little deeper and see what all you've written so far this semester. Something I noticed at the beginning of reading this, is that the storybook isn't fit to the page. I expanded my browser across the whole screen and it still didn't fit. I wonder if this is something you can fix on your end, or if it is my computer? Not a huge deal, just something to check out if you have time. My favorite of your stories was the Hello from an Old Friend. Your writing style is so creative and easy to read! I also really liked the aspect you included of having a "send new message" area. I think this makes the page seem very realistic and like I could actually send a message to the gods. Great job so far!

  23. Hey there Hannah! I just had a chance to check out your project for this semester, and I really love what you have decided to do. I love the overall theme that you chose, but for some reason the page doesn't quite fit right on my computer? It could be something weird with my web browser, but it is something that you my want to look into because it take away from all of your hard work! In regards to your decision to use both Roman and Greek mythology, I thought that this was a great choice for the way you have told your stories so far. Your site is easy to navigate, and I love the way you made it look like a gmail account (or any other email browser). The colors and images you chose are fantastic and really fit in well. I also really appreciate the small details that you added to the page that make it seem so realistic, such as the profile information at the bottom of the home page. Great job overall, and I look forward to checking it out again in the future!

  24. Hey Hannah! I'm here to comment again! No doubt you've heard it time and time again, but I must say: Your storybook idea is so creative! I love how each sender paints Hercules in an unfavorable light while still asking something from him. Your tones for each letter (a jealous suck-up from Phil, a guilt-tripping/rub salt in would Meg) make the characters very interesting!

    I would make a note on the homepage for navigation by making a note on where to find things. It took me a few clicks to find your Author's Note under archive.

    I'm still confused about the setting of your HeroMail universe. Is it in Ancient Greece time with modern technology mixed in or something else? The plotlines take place in ancient Greece, but there are many mentions of producers and movies that haven't been around nearly as long. Or do the Greek heroes and immortals have access to future technology by god powers? I recommend that you clarify that in a general author's note before the individual story author's notes.

  25. Hey Hannah!

    I think that your storybook idea is so creative! I really like how your website resembles that of an email address website! That aspect of the design definitely supports the theme of the storybook! As far as paragraphs go, I think that you do a pretty good job of making sure that your paragraphs fit your storybook description. Your paragraph styles reminds me exactly of the type of paragraphs I would see in an email! I like how you broke your paragraphs into smaller parts as compared to making one gigantic paragraph. Sometimes, when people use one long paragraph, I have a hard time following through and get distracted easily. Your paragraph styles helps the story flow better and keep s my attention on the story. Additionally, the style you use for your author's note is well constructed. I like how each paragraph serves its own purpose. The first one explains the story, the second explain your creative process, and the third paragraph contains the links. This makes your author's note functional and organized! Good job.

  26. Hey Hannah,

    I thought your storybook was written beautifully. I also thought that it was very easy to navigate to each story and your comment wall. I thought the story book was super creative. It is definitely very interesting to read about Hercules receiving different types of messages from people close to him. I like that each character who emailed him had a different type of personality and tone. It could be shown that Hercules was not a perfect hero, and in fact, he was kind of arrogant. One thing that kind of confused me was I did not know if we were supposed to be reading this story from the era of the Ancient Greeks or if it was a modern day take on Hercules? Overall, I thought that you did a fantastic job and cannot wait to read more of your stories if you decide to add more.

  27. Hey Hannah!
    First, I have to say the design of your storybook is amazing!!! I love the concept of your storybook. I am a letters major and whenever I have to take a classics course the heroes always drive me insane. I would love to write them some hate mail or troll them on twitter. I loved the people you chose to send Hercules mail. The email fro Megara was amazing! I loved how you had her confront him on the hard details. She did not mess around. She immediately went after him for killing his family and was as harsh on him as he deserves. I would argue almost too soft.
    If you are still working on your project, you could work on your paragraph length. Some of them are really long but not the majority. This is a really great story. Great job!!

  28. Hi Hannah!

    I came back to read your storybook again because I remember how cool your whole theme and website was. I loved reading these two other stories you added, especially the one from Megara! I really felt the conviction in that story. She was really going into it and wasn't playing around. My favorite part of that story was the last paragraph where she's being passive-aggressive with the "it's time you act like one (a god)" and then following up with "you demolished our lives." One thing I really like about your website is that your "author's notes" are in the "archives" section. I feel like especially with the email format you used, it wouldn't have looked good to have that at the end so I thought that was a nice touch. Overall, I think your website and storybook is so fun! Good job on this. And good luck on finals!


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